Bonds Between Worlds is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic based fanfic. It depicts PonyRyu's journey in the land of Equestria to discover his inner talent and his eventual departure from the Mane Six after getting a cutie mark.

Plot Summary (Spoilers)Edit

Having been dragged to a football game at Canterlot High by his family, on the last day of the full moon. Ryu wanders away from the stadium and manages to fall into the Gateway Mirror, landing in the Crystal Empire as a stallion. He is knocked out due to head trauma trying to get his bearings and is only found several hours later by a patrol of guards. Ryu wakes up and is briefly questioned by Princess Cadence and Shining Armor before Princesses Celestia and Luna arrive. Ryu is shocked when he learns that he will be forced to live here for 30 weeks, since the portal has already closed. 

The princesses decide that Ryu should be sent to Ponyville to live with Twilight Sparkle, who has the most experience with the other world, in an attempt to mitigate the damage as much as possible. They also remark that he should already have a cutie mark at this age. When he arrives at Ponyville, Ryu is greeted by an ecstatic Pinkie Pie, who throws a very rapid party involving at least a dozen other ponies before Twilight appears on the scene. She manages to get him to the library before any damage is done and starts talking with him about the human world.


Late in the series, it is revealed that Ryu's name is actually Aegis Harmony. Although this fits much better into the series of My Little Pony as a whole, this puts into question whether this Ryu has a Red Seed or even an Amido Pair, since neither have been seen in the series.