An ancient organization formed sometime after the Draconic Schism War. The name refers to a galaxy-wide empire, in effect making the stars closer by conquering them. It is unknown how far they have succeeded in this goal, however the current state of space travel technology on Draconia is most certainly due to their interests.


The Starbringers had at least one facility near the Draconian capitol of Ursibion, although it can be assumed their reach extends to the entirety of the country of Draconia if not the whole planet. This facility is most likely where Ryu Himora II was created, since that is where he escaped from, though the actual method they used is not known. Since Ryu's DNA is exactly half that of Ryu Himora I it seems likely he was bred, but a mother has never been found, and his genome is still half dragon as well, making this situation unlikely without advanced genetic engineering. However, even though the public at large is incapable of this kind of genetic work, it is very likely the Starbinger facilites have much more scientific progress, and almost certain that they have very powerful magic users at their disposal.